WASHINGTON — Top congressional lawmakers are beginning to receive details of a new funding package the  administration is expected to submit to Congress this week.

While it’s not yet finalized, the supplemental funding package is likely to seek $60 billion for Ukraine, a lawmaker and two sources with knowledge of the request said. The rest of the request will include roughly $40 billion to provide aid to Israel, Taiwan and the U.S.-Mexico border.

The total supplemental funding request, which is expected to be for the fiscal year that ends next September, will total around $100 billion, said four sources directly involved in the process.

NBC News reported Tuesday that the administration plans to submit the roughly $100 billion supplemental funding request to Congress in the coming days. Top lawmakers could be made aware of the contours of the request as soon as Wednesday, a lawmaker and a congressional aide with knowledge of the matter said.

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Congressional Republicans, particularly those wary about sending more aid to Ukraine, argue the U.S. needs to replenish munitions that have been sent to Europe and that the supplemental funding for Ukraine might help quell some of those concerns because some of the funds could be used for replenishment, three of the sources said. While the money for munitions is expected to be attached to the Ukraine funding request, these sources said the weapons could be used for various purposes, with the Middle East as a point of discussion.\

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