Delilah Gray – Sun, October 15, 2023

Eric Trump has found himself in hot water amid the $250 million fraud trial, especially now that one of the Trump family’s financial aides has alleged something seedy may have been at play with the family’s property values.

In case you missed it: on Oct 6, former Trump Organization Comptroller and co-defendant of former President , Eric and , Jeff McConney, shined a bit of light on some phone calls he allegedly had with Eric.

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McConney shared details from phone calls and different spreadsheets that claim Eric directed him to factor certain things into different properties, such as the Seven Springs and the Trump National Golf Club Westchester, per CNN. He claimed that after this phone call, and with Eric’s directed claims, some of the estates heavily went up in value.

How much? From $25 million to $101 million in the blink of an eye, per Newsweek via MSN.

McConney was allegedly directed to calculate some of the properties as “though it could be sold as a private residence,” some had a “brand premium” added to it since it was connected to Donald’s name, and more, per CNN.

While McConney claimed Eric was responsible for this, Eric’s team claims he wasn’t aware this would factor into the numbers.

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