New YorkCNN —  After four days of testimony and two trips to the witness stand, former Trump Organization controller Jeff McConney broke down in tears on Tuesday, telling the court the toll of the numerous investigations and accusations of misconduct drove him to leave the company he loved working for after 35 years.

“I just couldn’t do it anymore,” McConney said. “I just wanted to relax and stop being accused of misrepresenting assets for the company that I loved working for.”

The emotional outcry came when Jesus Suarez, an attorney for former President Donald Trump, asked McConney before the lunch break why he left the Trump Org.

Before answering the question McConney took a long pause, removed his glasses, and threw his arms in the air. Trump attorney Alina Habba motioned to a court officer to bring him a box of tissues. Judge Arthur Engoron gave her a thumbs up.

He apologized for his emotional reaction, “Sorry.”

The former long-time Trump Org. controller, who is a co-defendant in the civil fraud trial, said being subjected to several subpoenas and testifying in connection to multiple government cases accusing him of wrongdoing had taken a toll on him.

Pausing at times to wipe his eyes, McConney gave a lengthy answer describing his love for working for the company and ​said he​ remains proud of his 35-year career.

“I feel proud of what I did. I think everything was justified. Numbers don’t represent fully what these assets are worth,” McConney said. “I got to do a lot of things normally an accountant wouldn’t be able to do. I’m very proud of the work I did for 35 years.”

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