The House is expected to vote on Thursday on a bill to provide $14.3 billion in aid to Israel as it fights a war against Hamas – a move that sets up a clash with the Democratic-led Senate over aid to Ukraine and proposed funding cuts in an early leadership test for Speaker Mike Johnson.

Democrats have called for aid to Israel to be paired with additional security assistance for Ukraine in its war against Russia. In the Senate, there is bipartisan support for aid to Israel and further aid to Ukraine. But in the House, many Republicans are opposed to sending more aid to Ukraine, putting the two chambers at odds. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer slammed the House GOP Israel bill in a floor speech on Thursday, calling it a “deeply flawed proposal” and saying the Senate will not take it up.

In an attempt to offset the cost of the $14.3 billion in Israel aid, the House bill would rescind $14.3 billion in funding for the Internal Revenue Service. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has said, however, that the proposal to offset aid to Israel by cutting IRS funding would add to the deficit and result in roughly $26.8 billion in lost revenue over 10 years.

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