At least 1,400 people have died and 3,400 others have been injured in Israel after the militant group Hamas launched an unprecedented incursion from air, land and sea on Oct. 7, Israeli authorities said.

In Gaza, at least 2,778 people have been killed in retaliatory strikes from Israel with another 9,938 more injured, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, with those numbers expected to climb.

Tensions are high with the prospect of ground war and evacuation orders for Gaza after the Israel Defense Forces called for “all residents of Gaza City to evacuate their homes” and “move south for their protection” early Friday, saying residents should move “and settle in the area south of the Gaza River.” The announcement was made, according to the IDF, because it plans to “operate significantly in Gaza City in the coming days” and wanted “to avoid harming civilians.”

Israeli forces responded by sending wave after wave of bombs into Gaza, killing thousands, trapping civilians and raising fears of a wider conflict in the Middle East.

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