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  • Israel has been given a new list of hostages expected to be released on Sunday in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. It would be the third such exchange since a truce between Israel and Hamas began on Friday and, for the first time under the deal, an American citizen is expected to be among them, an Israeli official told CNN.
  • Saturday saw 13 Israeli civilians freed along with four Thai nationals. Israeli released 39 Palestinian detainees and prisoners from jail. But the exchange was delayed by Hamas in a dispute over aid to Gaza and the names of those released.
  • Among those freed by Hamas is Emily Hand, who turned nine in captivity. Her father initially thought she had died in the October 7 Hamas attacks. The youngest hostage released is a three-year-old girl; others still have family members held captive.
  • Qatar, which helps mediate between Israel and Hamas, says it hopes the four-day truce can be extended. It brought the first pause in fighting in weeks and is due to end on Monday.
  • Here’s how to help humanitarian efforts in Israel and Gaza.

It’s afternoon in Israel and Gaza. Here’s what you need to know

From CNN staff

The third set of hostages is due to be released by Hamas on Sunday, with an American citizen expected to be on the list, according to an Israeli official. It would mark the first time a US hostage has been handed over since the start of the truce.

Thirteen Israelis and four Thai nationals were released late on Saturday night following a delay. All 41 foreign nationals released so far by Hamas from captivity in Gaza are in stable condition, according to medical professionals.

Below are the latest developments:

  • Detail emerges about released hostages: Details have emerged about the hostages who were handed over by Hamas late on Saturday night, following a delay. They include six members of an extended family. Meanwhile, a teenage daughter was unexpectedly released without her mother. Hila Rotem, 13, was handed over on her own on Saturday night. Israeli authorities were expecting Rotem’s mother Raaya, 54, to be released along with her daughter and are trying to determine why she was not.
  • Numbers remaining: With the release of the 13 Israeli hostages on Saturday, the Hostages and Missing Families Forum lists 27 children aged 18 and under still thought to be hostages from the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel. The youngest is 10 months old. There are also thought to be 37 adult women and eight elderly women aged 70 to 84. Under the terms of the Israel-Hamas truce, no adult men are being released by the Palestinian militant group, leaving 88 men aged 19-64 and 14 men aged 65-85.
  • Foreigners “in stable condition”: All of the foreign nationals released by Hamas from captivity in Gaza are in stable condition, according to medical professionals. Of the 41 hostages released from Gaza on Friday and Saturday, 15 are foreign nationals: 14 are from Thailand and one from the Philippines. Dr. Osnat Levtzion Korach, director of the Shamir Medical Center in Israel, said Sunday: “They are in a stable condition, and they are improving.”
  • American set for release: For the first time since the temporary truce between Hamas and Israel came into effect, an American citizen is expected to be on Sunday’s list of hostages set to be released, an Israeli official told CNN. The White House has previously expressed hope that the three American citizens taken hostage by Hamas would be freed during the truce. They include two woman and a four-year-old girl named Abigail Edan.
  • Oldest hostage reunited with granddaughter: The granddaughter of a woman, 85, taken hostage by Hamas has described their emotional reunion, calling it a “dream come true” in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Saturday. Yafa Adar was part of the first group of hostages released by Hamas under the deal. She founded the Nir Oz kibbutz, which was devastated in the Hamas attacks, and was the oldest person to be taken hostage.

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