The Middle Eastern country shares its northern border with Israel and Syria

After the impact of renewed Hamas attacks in southern Israel swiftly escalated and culminated in war, concerns over the safety of travel to Israel and countries in the surrounding region haven risen.

Jordan, a popular winter sun destination for tourists, shares its northern border with both Israel and Syria, and travellers with trips booked may be questioning the wisdom of holidaying there amid the conflict.

Here’s the latest travel advice for Jordan, plus all the key questions and answers.

What does the Foreign Office say?

On Tuesday the Foreign Office (FCDO) strengthened its stance on travel to Jordan updating its guidance to read: “The FCDO advises against all but essential travel to within 3km of Jordan’s border with Syria.”

Crossings from Jordan to Israel may also be closed at short notice as a result of the conflict in southern Israel close to the border with Gaza.

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