Rafah, GazaCNN —  20-month-old Amir Taha lies silently on the bed – his fluffy hair sticking up, his baby soft skin violated by a raw, jagged wound across his forehead. Purple bruises swell around one of his big brown eyes.

He’s an orphan now, his aunt says, with his parents and two of his siblings killed in an Israeli strike – one attack in the devastating war on Hamas in Gaza that Israel launched after militants carried out murderous cross-border raids targeting Israeli civilians on October 7.

Amir’s loss adds to the overwhelming human toll in the tiny territory of Gaza where more than 18,000 people have been killed, according to the Hamas-run Ministry of Health in Gaza.

But he does not know that yet, his aunt Nehaia Al-Qadra told CNN. He is too young to understand.

“They found Amir in his mom’s arms laying in the street,” Al-Qadra said. “His sister died, his brother died, his uncle, and his other sister is injured in the hospital… Here we are, he doesn’t have a mother or a father or an older sister or brother. Now it’s just us two and God.”

Amir wants his father. “Yesterday he saw a nurse that looked like his dad, and he kept screaming ‘Dad! Dad! Dad!’” Al-Qadra said. When she needs to calm him, she shows the toddler a video of his father.

Horror of modern warfare

Amir will recover from his physical wounds with the treatment he is now getting at a field hospital in Rafah, in southern Gaza, set up by the United Arab Emirates government.

With local hospitals overwhelmed by the sick and injured looking for help from facilities that have been damaged or destroyed, the UAE operation is a rare functioning, well-equipped, well-staffed place that can offer help to the most serious cases.

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