Cohen had been expected to testify next week in a civil fraud case against Trump, who was planning to attend to hear testimony from his former attorney.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen will not testify next week in the $250 million civil fraud case against the former president because of a health-related issue, two sources confirmed to NBC News on Friday.

It was not immediately clear how long Cohen’s testimony would be delayed.

“Unfortunately I need to attend to a pre-existing medical condition that impedes my ability to testify this upcoming week. Rest assured, I will testify at the earliest opportunity,” he told NBC in a statement Saturday.

News of Cohen’s absence, which was first reported by the Daily Beast, comes a day after sources confirmed that Trump was planning on attending the trial Tuesday and Wednesday to see him on the stand.

Cohen told NBC News on Thursday that he thought Trump was “scared.”

“It’s been five years since we have seen one another. Assuming I am even on to testify next week, I look forward to the reunion. I hope Donald does, as well,” Cohen said.

It’s unclear if Trump will still be in court early next week. A spokesperson for Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday night.

The trial, which started this month in Manhattan, is expected to last until late December.