Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former fixer and personal attorney, has been called a lot of things over the years. Today, he is primarily known as the first person to be thrown under the Trump bus who decided to fight back.

Cohen has testified before Congress multiple times, sat through grueling court cases, testified before grand juries — all to speak the truth about former President Donald Trump.

I recently spoke to Cohen after he gave testimony in the New York civil case against Donald Trump’s business empire — where Trump himself is scheduled to testify on Monday. It was the first time the two men had been in the same room in five years, but Cohen said he had no emotional reaction to their reunion. “I felt absolutely nothing,” he told me. It was like “when you’re walking down the street and you pass somebody who you do not know. It’s not that you wish anything bad on that individual, it’s just you feel nothing for them. You don’t know them, you don’t care. That’s exactly how I felt. I wasn’t there to make friends with Donald. I wasn’t there to protect Donald. I wasn’t there to harm Donald. I was there to tell the truth, and that’s all that I did.”

Cohen has gone after Trump in two bestselling books, most recently “Revenge: How Donald Trump Weaponized the United States Department of Justice Against His Critics,” but may have damaged his former boss far worse in that New York courtroom,  where Trump faces losing hundreds of millions of dollars because of his fraudulent business dealings. Cohen predicts that the ex-president faces a potential judgment of $600 million or more, and cautions, “Mind you, he does not have that in equity. So when these assets get sold — and remember, he is low basis in most if not all of these assets — take the tax implications and then subtract from that the outstanding mortgages that may exist. Technically, there’s nothing left.”

Donald Trump broke? That would be something to see, but Cohen believes there is a worse fate waiting for Trump than losing his fortune. He won’t win the 2024 election, Cohen says, and “that’s his ‘get out of jail free’ card. He’s not running for anything other than to stay out of jail.” As for the possibility of actual prison time, Cohen says, “Loss of freedom, I’m talking firsthand knowledge now — that really sucks, man. That’s not on his plate right now, but when that is in front of him, I promise you, it’s going to hit him as hard as this case is currently hitting.”

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