CNN —  This week in travel news: An ancient Italian site, a hefty European tourist tax and a bunch of bears in Alaska all got bigger.

Amsterdam vs. overtourism

Amsterdam is about to beat its own record for having the highest “tourist tax” in Europe – and possibly the world – next year, according to a budget released by the city government.

“The tourist tax will be further increased to fund the extra spending so that visitors make a bigger contribution to the city,” reads the document.

The daily fee charged to cruise ship day visitors will go from 8 to 11 euros, or $8.50 to $11.60, and the nightly fee built into hotel room prices will jump to 12.5% of the room rate.

Amsterdam has been striving to combat overtourism in recent years, with measures including telling undesirable visitors to stay away and restricting cruise arrivals. It’s also been trying to discourage those who come to the city in search of sex and drugs.

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