A TikToker from Singapore has gained a surprise following for her life as a “stay-at-home daughter”, often spending thousands of dollars a day on her dad’s credit card.

Chloe Liem proudly shows off her extravagant lifestyle, blowing money on designer bags, jewelry and pricey lunches with her equally rich friends.

In one video alone, she spent $3,204.36 in one day.

“What I spend in a day as a stay-at-home daughter living in Singapore,” she said in the introduction.

“I started off the morning at Cartier with zero intention of spending any money. I promise I just wanted to restring my bracelet because it’s technically free but obviously one thing led to another and next thing I knew, I was spending 5k on a pair of earrings.”

She also had lunch with four of her close friends at a Michelin-star fine-dining restaurant called Imperial Treasure, dropping another $800 in the process.

The cheapest thing that the university student had bought that day were some desserts at the city state’s iconic Marmalade Pantry, which cost $25.

At the end of the video, she says she counts everything she spent as ‘free’ as it wasn’t her money.

“I took my parent’s car so I’m counting it as free, along with everything else I spent because I charge everything to my dad’s credit card,” she said.

Many in the comments were envious of Liem’s lifestyle.

“Stay at home daughter’ is the vibe,” one person commented.

“Slay girl! If I had rich parents I’ll be a stay at home daughter in a heartbeat,” another wrote.

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