Right-wing American thinking has infiltrated Canadian politics and caused the Conservative Party to “turn their backs” on Ukraine, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday.

Trudeau called out the Conservative Party after the group unanimously voted against an update to the Canada Ukraine Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Ukraine.

“I’ve actually boasted . . . that it’s not a political debate in Canada, all parties in Canada stand with Ukraine,” Trudeau said at a press conference Friday. “So it is particularly troubling to see — even though we are seeing a rise of right-wing rhetoric in the United States with MAGA conservatives, across Europe, in certain corners of right-wing politicians and parties — starting to pull their support for Ukraine. Starting to parrot Russian disinformation and misinformation and propaganda.”

Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre earlier Friday said his party had voted against the agreement not because of flagging support for Ukraine, but out of concern it would saddle the war-torn country with a carbon tax.

Trudeau said that explanation was “an absurd excuse.”

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