Judge Arthur Engoron chides Trump’s lawyers over their claim that he shouldn’t be fined as punishment for financial fraud committed in New York. A federal grand jury in Georgia indicts an Alabama man for making threats directed at Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

New York financial fraud

Fining Trump for illegal profits is ‘an available remedy,’ judge says

Key players: Judge Arthur Engoron, Trump lawyer Christopher Kise, New York Attorney General Letitia James

  • Engoron dismissed the suggestion made by Kise on Tuesday that Trump should not be fined for any of the actions alleged in the $250 million civil lawsuit brought by James, Salon reported.

  • Engoron has already found Trump, his adult sons and their family business liable for years of financial fraud relating to the overvaluation of their assets. The ongoing trial will decide what penalty the defendants must pay.

    • “Several witnesses have testified that they would have acted differently had they known the statements of financial condition were fraudulent,” Engoron responded.

    • “I think, to a certain extent, the defendants are whistling past the graveyard here,” the judge added.

    • Kise argued that even if banks and insurers had known that statements provided by the Trump Organization were fraudulent, they would not have acted differently regarding the loans and rates they offered.

    Why it matters: Coming on Halloween, Engoron’s “whistling past the graveyard” characterization of how Trump’s lawyers view the threat large fines and other sanctions should spook the former president.

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