Former President Donald Trump may have shared delicate state secrets during conversations with a wealthy overseas elite, according to new claims from Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt.

Pratt, who has faced questioning by special counsel Jack Smith in one of two federal investigations against the former president, recounted his private discussions with Trump and described his business practices as being “like the mafia,” according to a recording obtained by 60 Minutes.

“He said, ‘So I just bombed Iraq today,'” Pratt, whose net worth is roughly $24.3 billion, recalled in the recorded audio what Trump told him in December 2019. Pratt further alleges that he was told about the strike before the media published reports on the incident.

Three months after President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, Pratt met Trump at his Mar-a-Lago office for a meeting, during which the Australian businessman suggested that his country should buy submarines from the United States.

Trump then allegedly leaned in toward Pratt and described a number of nuclear warheads that U.S. submarines typically move around with and how close they can supposedly get to a Russian submarine without detection, sources told ABC News earlier this month.

The former president has been charged by Smith with allegedly taking classified documents with him from the White House after leaving office and obstructing efforts to retrieve them. Pratt is also listed as a potential witness who could testify against Trump at a trial next year.

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