By Heather Chen, Sophie Tanno, Adrienne VogtTori B. Powell and Elise Hammond, CNN

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  • The United States vetoed a UN Security Council resolution Friday calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Thirteen countries voted in favor while Britain abstained.
  • During the debate, the Palestinian ambassador cited the thousands killed or injured in Israel’s assault on Gaza, saying “enough is enough,” while Israel’s envoy said a ceasefire would only extend the war, and that the only option for peace was to eliminate Hamas.
  • Israel’s military said it carried out strikes on about 450 targets over the past day, the highest number reported since the end of a truce with Hamas a week ago. Also, an Israeli flag was raised in the middle of the symbolic Palestine Square in Gaza City, a video shows.
  • Here’s how to help humanitarian efforts in Israel and Gaza.

Infants found dead and decomposing in evacuated hospital ICU in Gaza

The scene inside the Al-Nasr hospital ICU ward is chilling. The tiny bodies of babies, several still attached to wires and tubes that were meant to keep them alive, decomposing in their hospital beds. Milk bottles and spare diapers still next to them on the sheets.

The video inside the hospital was filmed on November 27 by Mohamed Baalousha, a Gaza reporter for UAE-based news outlet Al Mashhad. He shared an unblurred version with CNN, which shows the remains of at least four infants.

Three of them appear to be still connected to hospital machines. The bodies of the babies appear to be darkening and disintegrating from decay, with little more than skeletons left in some of the beds. Flies and maggots are visibly crawling across the skin of one child.

The circumstances around one of the most horrifying videos to emerge from the war in Gaza remain unclear, but after days of piecing together available information, using interviews, published statements and video, a chaotic scene can been painted of hospital staff trying to protect their most vulnerable patients, caught in the middle of a raging battle – waiting for help that never arrived.

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