Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is looking ahead to a big week of fundraising as she remains determined to continue competing with former President Donald Trump for the GOP nomination.

Beginning Monday, the former South Carolina governor has multiple fundraisers scheduled in New York, and then she will head to Florida for fundraisers in Palm Beach and Miami on Wednesday.

Over the course of the next three and a half weeks, Haley’s campaign has planned at least 13 fundraisers in five states: New York, Florida, California, South Carolina and Texas.

Her campaign has touted bringing in $2.6 million in donations since the polls closed in New Hampshire, but there are also real questions about her ability to keep donors on her side with questions about her campaign’s path ahead.

Some big donors have said they no longer plan to back Haley’s campaign, others are privately worried about her endgame, and some groups are beginning to turn their focus to the Senate races as Trump’s nomination appears inevitable in their eyes.

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