Donald Trump has suffered a significant setback in his attempts to have the case being brought against him by the New York state attorney general dismissed, after a judge poured scorn on the credibility of accounting experts Eli Bartov and Jason Flemmons.

Judge Arthur Engoron highlighted the potential for bias in their testimonies, given the significant financial compensation they have received. He said that assuming their testimonies were accurate would be a “glaring flaw” in view of these financial incentives.

Judge Engoron was particularly critical of Bartov, a tenured professor, stating that his testimony essentially showed only that some experts might say anything “for a million or so dollars.”

Engoron added, “By doggedly attempting to justify every misstatement, Professor Bartov lost all credibility.”

He added: “Defendants also trot out two of their standard canards, that valuations are subjective and that the law only penalizes ‘material’ deviations… A lie is still a lie.”

The judge also refuted the argument that disclaimers on the former president’s financial statements shield him from responsibility, suggesting they might actually increase it.

Engoron has previously ruled that Trump and his adult sons are liable for persistent fraud, ordering the dissolution of Trump’s business certificates, a decision Trump is appealing.

Both parties have until Jan. 5 to file briefs, with oral arguments set for Jan. 11.

Attorney General Letitia James is seeking over $250 million and aims to ban Trump and his sons from business activities in New York.

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