Court cameras caught the extraordinary moment Wednesday when a felon who was about to be sentenced for a violent crime leaped over the bench and assaulted a judge in Las Vegas.

Deobra Redden, 30, was in Clark County District Court to be sentenced on an attempted battery charge when he jumped toward Judge Mary Kay Holthus and pushed her against the wall, prompting a brawl between him and court officials that left one receiving treatment at a local hospital.

The violent outburst means Redden will be back in court Thursday to face multiple new felony charges of battery and battery against a protected person, referring to the judge and court staff.

“Deobra Redden was present for a sentencing hearing this morning, with regard to the charge of attempt battery with substantial bodily harm,” court information officer Mary Ann Price said in a statement.

Holthus “experienced some injuries,” Price said, but was not hospitalized. A courtroom marshal was in a stable condition, she added.

NBC News affiliate KSNV of Las Vegas reported that the marshal required stitches for a head injury.

“We commend the heroic acts of her staff, law enforcement, and all others who subdued the defendant. The court remains committed to a safe and secure courthouse and courtrooms. We are reviewing all our protocols and will do whatever is necessary to protect the judiciary, the public and our employees,” Price said.

Court video shows that in the moments before the attack, Redden had told the court that he was “in a better place in my mind” and was now working, KSNV reported.

“I feel like I shouldn’t be sent to prison, but if it’s appropriate for you, then you gotta do what you gotta do,” he said. His attorney had argued for a suspended sentence.

But the judge told Redden that she would nevertheless impose a custodial sentence due to his crime and past convictions.

“I appreciate that but I think it’s time he got a taste of something else, because I just can’t with that history,” she said, before beginning to deliver his sentence.

Redden is then heard to swear at the judge before jumping over the bench toward her.

“Hey, get off her! Don’t do this,” someone is court is heard saying, before an alarm is sounded.