New York CNN — Checking a bag on American Airlines will now cost you more than at every other major US airline.

The carrier announced Tuesday that the price of the first checked bag on most flights is increasing to $40 for customers that didn’t prepay online. It will cost $35 if paid online during check in. That’s as much as a 33% increase from what it previously cost on American Airlines: $30 for both methods.

Flights within and between the United States, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands are all affected by the price increase. American has also hiked the price of a second checked bag to $45 (up from $40.)

Other routes are also getting price increase, too: Checked-baggage fees on flights between to and from the US to Canada, Caribbean, Mexico and Central America destinations now costs $35 (up from $30) and the second checked bag fee is $45 (up from $40).

Changes are effective for flights booked beginning Tuesday. Passengers that bought tickets prior to this will pay the previous prices. Flyers that have an airline-branded credit card, buy tickets in premium cabins or have status are largely exempt from the price increases.

American said in a press release that it hasn’t hiked bag prices since 2018. It’s also decreasing prices on oversized and heavy luggage, which the airline says are its “lowest fee ever.”

American’s largest rivals, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines, charge $30 for the first checked bag and $40 for a second on similar routes. However, it’s not uncommon for them to follow since that has happened in the past.

The price increase comes at a time when airlines are battling rising fuel and labor costs. American (AAL) revealed in its earnings last month that its net income plunged 98% for the last three months of 2023.

US airlines make a ton of money these fees. In 2022, they made a record $6.8 billion on baggage fees, according to the most recent data from Bureau of Transportation Statistics.